An Amerigold Review And Reputation Overview

Look all over the internet; scour its pages and appeal to its search engines. It will all be in vain if you are searching for detailed information about the reputation of Amerigold.

Certainly they will tell you in their own words how wonderful they are, but what do customers have to say?

In the following Amerigold review, my aim is not to tarnish their reputation but to establish it; to flesh out the facts from what is already there and draw inferences from the absences in the profile of a precious metals company from Colorado.

Who is behind Amerigold?

This precious metals company was founded in 1998 by an entrepreneur whose previous business experience had nothing to do with precious metals. Greg McCoach’s interest in gold and silver was spurred by research into the American economy and grew into a legitimate passion for his topic.

As a businessman first and gold expert second, he brings a sensible set of credentials to the table. Unlike a lot of presidents and CEOs, McCoach is visible. He has been featured on TV interviews and periodicals discussing the nature of the economy, talking about how to protect one’s retirement, and discussing why precious metals make excellent investments.

What Conclusions Can We Draw from McCoach’s Profile?

Anyone who is willing to lend his face to this business is relatively trustworthy. He has a lot to lose if this Aurora Colorado business starts to crack at the seams. Being visible makes him accountable and shows that he, too, has confidence in precious metals as retirement investments and as a hedge against inflation.

BBB Accreditation

Another problem faced by many gold and silver dealers is that they can’t escape the honest truth as laid down by the Better Business Bureau. Even businesses which do not apply for accreditation are listed here if customers call to complain or praise a firm.

No one has reported a problem with Amerigold to the BBB in at least the past 3 years. They were first accredited in 1999 and now hold an A+ grade. A lot of gold and silver dealers are lucky to get an A or an A-, but is the high grade given by default?

A firm need not acquire positive reviews, just stay out of trouble and supply information as requested by the BBB while operating for a minimum length of time to achieve an A+ grade.

With no reviews on the BCA website and nothing on Trustlink (not even after 16 years), there is so little to go on; no good reason for the company’s reputation to be strong, but it isn’t strong or weak. Amerigold has a neutral reputation. People don’t hate them enough to post vitriolic comments but are not thrilled enough to report great things either.

No Advertising

Amerigold has become a viable company in spite of the fact that they do not advertise nationally. Instead they rely on word of mouth: customers telling their friends about the company and repeat business from all of them.

Their network of happy clients must be exceptional, which brings us back to reputation which is strong as far as customers are concerned, and that’s all that really matters. No one can say anything bad about Amerigold.

What does Amerigold Do?

This precious metals dealer buys and sells gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion coins, bars, and numismatics. They list items which are suitable for IRA investments and then help consumers open gold IRAs if they so choose.

One need not buy gold for that purpose: it is perfectly legal to own gold bullion in your home safe if your property is secure, though most people with large investments would trust a depository.

Customers in search of an IRA rollover can contact Amerigold to find out how they go about converting 401k plans and other investments into IRA gold, but Amerigold will not act as the custodian. They can suggest a company; their preferred custodians. Purchase applicable products with Amerigold’s help.

No Pressure

In their own words, Amerigold will never pressure clients into buying metals or buying certain products. McCoach loathes business practices which see clients bullied into investing more than they planned to or purchasing products before they know what they are doing.

McCoach would rather educate potential clients (his website is full of resources and articles) using facts, not emotions, to sell precious metals. He has built his company on trust and integrity.

Reasonable and Rational Sales

What do I mean by using emotions to sell gold?

You might have read a website or three which paints a dire picture of world war three and the end of monetary structures as we know them. Some sell long-life food for stocking underground bunkers. Many forecast the end of the US dollar and an Armageddon-like state in which only real, solid gold will count for anything.

McCoach is ashamed of his colleagues for adopting these tactics and convincing vulnerable, frightened pensioners into handing over their hard-earned savings, only to regret what they did and feel powerless to get out of their situation. His Amerigold website posts facts only, not forecasts, predictions, or fear mongering.

In a way, it is these healthy gaps in his writing (named only as gaps relative to what so many other firms do) which cause Amerigold to fall under the radar. Perhaps you haven’t heard of them, but rational, reasonable writing about finances does tend to be overlooked. Let this approach speak loudly about the principals which govern Amerigold.

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