Blanchard & Company Reputation and Ratings

When so many companies have emerged to sell gold and silver to a frightened host of American citizens in the past five to ten years, it is a relief to see an established firm among them. Blanchard & Company lends experience and savvy to this business riddled with gimmicks and frauds.

While numerous other businesses are totally legitimate, knowing a firm has been selling precious metals for five decades lends the entire industry credibility, especially one with such a good reputation.

Complaints against Blanchard & Company

These do exist. In certain cases, consumers come across looking belligerent and childish. At times, one has to wonder why a complaint was made to the BBB when the issue was about to be so easily resolved, but there are also instances when resolution is not in the cards.

The Better Business Bureau Weighs In

If you read the BBB summary for Blanchard & Company, it contains a list of complaints, 14 in the past three years divided into sub-headings.

  • Three complaints pertained to advertising and sales.
  • Another three were related to billing and collections.
  • Three more had to do with delivery, one with guarantee/warranty issues, and four more were product/service complaints.

Blanchard & Company managed to sort out 11 of these without assistance, but in three cases, clients were unwilling to accept the resolution offered.

The Better Business Bureau judged that Blanchard & Company acted in good faith to attempt resolution and considers these matters closed.

Companies rated by the BBB do not necessarily lose points because of complaints. This agency is more concerned with a pattern of repeated complaints which demonstrate that a firm is not learning anything by its mistakes, or that they do not try hard enough to resolve conflict.

In the eyes of the Better Business Bureau, Blanchard & Company works hard to satisfy customers and bring a satisfying resolution to problems as they occur.

Being in business since 1975 strengthens their reputation and helps to explain how Blanchard & Company acquired an A+ from the BBB.

Does the Business Consumer Alliance Agree?

At this time, the BCA does not agree with the BBB. Usually they do, but Blanchard & Company only receives a triple-B from the Business Consumer Alliance.

This is still a good rating and not a reason to consider Blanchard & Company shady or unethical. A review is underway, however, so come back to the BCA page for updates.

Trustlink: For or Against?

Unfortunately, Blanchard & Company is not listed on Trustlink. This would be an excellent place to locate reviews for the firm, including a few negative ones. With such a long history in the market, it would stand to reason some people would have been unhappy with their service.

How Much Does a 50-Year History Count?

Without reviews on Trustlink, you will find yourself searching all over for consumer responses to Blanchard & Company. Some of those reviews will be biased, others will be trustworthy.

Always ask yourself if the site posting opinions about gold traders is neutral. Do not trust a page that blatantly advertises a particular company. It is in their financial interests to weigh-in against competing brokers.

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