Capital Gold Group Reputation & Ratings

Capital Gold Group is a precious metals trader in Woodland Hills, California. They started operating in 2003, since which time their reputation has grown, especially in the realm of charitable giving.

Their business is often associated with strong ethics that make regular people comfortable doing business. This is important: dealing with precious metals intimidates many ordinary people.

They see the objective of building wealth as the purview of people who already have money. Capital Gold Group sees things differently as their customers quickly realize.

Capital Gold Group: Any Complaints?

As far as the Better Business Bureau is concerned, just one complaint has been closed in 15 months, but there are always more out there. You cannot satisfy everyone all the time no matter how professional your company is, and digging will yield dirt if you want it.

Claims from unhappy customers on the BCA site indicate that Capital Gold Group’s associates were guilty of high pressure sales, deceptive tactics, and an unprofessional approach overall.

These are serious claims that need to be researched and viewed contextually. Read dates on complaints: some are a little out of date.

Certain statements have the ring of truth about them, but others make little sense next to the many happy customers and high ratings Capital Gold Group has received.

The Better Business Bureau

The BBB feels that Capital Gold Group qualifies to receive an A+ on their website. After comparing and contrasting several companies, you might have noticed a variety of grades given to traders. Some seem to receive this highest mark in spite of numerous complaints. Can this grade be trusted?

When a reader sees the A+ and only one complaint issued in 15 months, she is bound to feel confident about this company, but in this case she has good reason. Many more good reports surface when delving deeply into Capital Gold Group’s background and approach to business.

Business Consumer Alliance Report

The BCA gives Capital Gold Group an AAA grade in spite of those complaints listed above. AAA is their highest rating and can only be issued if a firm is licensed, is not under government review, and provides exceptional service.

Apparently, the things Capital Gold Group employees do well outweigh their flaws.

For instance, Capital Gold Group associates are friendly, answer all questions clearly and promptly, and come across positively to most people. Satisfied reviews are also outdated on the BCA site, however, so to be fair, some updated remarks would lend weight to that AAA grade.

What about Trustlink?

On this website, there are many recent reviews and they emphasize the professionalism of Capital Gold Group. Trustlink gives them five stars: the average client response out of five possible stars (so, 100%).

Associates are so kind and courteous that clients hope to repeat business in the near future. Professionalism is one of their strong suits, quite in contrast to what some earlier reviewers have reported.

Charitable Intentions

Returning to the issue of charitable giving, Capital Gold Group contributes to several organizations. Some, like the Red Cross, are international in scope. Others have a business angle, like the National Association of Christian Financial Consultants.

Their largesse extends to Mercy Springs Ministry and local church youth. Capital Gold Group contributes to local, national, and international organizations.

Their philanthropic nature wins Capital Gold Group a lot of fans who appreciate the contrast between their company purpose (promoting great wealth) and their ethical outlook (helping the less fortunate).

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