Charles Schwab Review: Full Service Investment Company

Are you an employer? If not, you are probably an employee. One way or the other, retirement investments are a topic of interest in your life. Employees and employers have a responsibility to prepare for the future.

When creating an investment profile for your own retirement or preparing to set up a plan for the people who work at your company, Charles Schwab and his team can help.

Who is Charles Schwab?

The eponymous chairman and founder of Charles Schwab has enjoyed a long career bringing investment options to individuals where often it appeared only corporations had access to the best choices.

Over the past 40 years, Schwab has built up his business, establishing a large executive staff besides many more individuals working in a variety of departments. Visit the home page just to get a sense of how many pies they have their fingers in at Charles Schwab.

Schwab founded his business because he “believed investors deserved better” and he “still does.” Schwab’s President and CEO is Walter W. Bettinger II. A bio is available for every member of the executive team which, though dominated by males, also includes three women.

Charles Schwab Review

Websites are hard to get right. They set a tone and represent an image. Maybe your business has too little to say about itself and is straining to fill the space. Perhaps an owner has too much to say and barely knows where to start.

Many firms strike a perfect balance, but Charles Schwab’s website is extremely busy.

When first approaching the page and becoming oriented, just take a minute to absorb the scene and find your way around. All of this business really is going somewhere: it is not business for the sake of appearing busy.

Schwab’s web writer maintains a professional tone the whole way through while managing to inject personality. The numerous photos represent people of all generations, as if to say that retirement planning should start early.

Charles Schwab advises clients on how to plan their finances, whether for retirement or simply to seek one’s fortune via investment strategies. His team directs clients to short term options and longer periods of investment.

The company appears set on the “index advantage”: traditional stocks, funds, etc. On page one you see it: a warning that there are no guarantees. This is a wise warning to offer, but it has not deterred numerous customers from entrusting Charles Schwab with over $2Trillion worth of accounts. Schwab is not the head of a small business; he is the Chairman of a corporation the size of a small country.

Services at Charles Schwab

One very important service at Charles Schwab is Retirement Record Keeping. Independent record keepers and advisers supply reports and keep clients informed regularly about the performance of a plan.

They offer design and administration support, so there will be meetings. Expect to speak face-to-face and dig deeply into the topic of how your money should be divided to create a strategy to fit your intentions.

Open a 401k plan for your employees using Schwab Bank as custodian of funds. While the 401k is an employee-directed service, Charles Schwab encourages employees to make their own choices and be wise with their money.

There appears to be some flexibility from Charles Schwab, though you would have to explore their products and regulations in detail to find out for sure what the firm has in mind.

Plan your stocks profile as a business person or an individual. Allow Charles Schwab experts to tailor your investment portfolio according to your risk tolerance and priorities.

For example, many consumers are particular about investing in environmentally sustainable practices and pulling out of oil and mining. Clients are very interested in fair trade farming or products made using recycled and reclaimed materials.

A number of clients want to minimize their risk and are more concerned about relative security of a stock versus the environmental or socially responsible side of investments.

While index-linked products are familiar, they are not popular with every client. Schwab has a department for self directed portfolios as well.

Charles Schwab has initiated web-based reporting. This allows customers to log onto their accounts at any time day or night, 365 days of the year. Reports are posted here in real time, and though customer service representatives are also available for support, web-based reports provide clients with more access to their own information.

From the look of things, Charles Schwab’s company provides almost everything you will need: advice, custodianship, brokerage, and reporting. Because their scope is wide, writing does not promote a particular type of share or fund. As a result, readers will not feel pressured to invest in a single product.

Community and Charity

Charles Schwab is a huge company; big enough to donate millions of dollars to charities annually. Their employees appear to know how fortunate they are too: they give off their time and expertise in a volunteer capacity regularly.

Sometimes they just clean buildings when usually they would be sitting behind a desk. In an employee matching scheme, Schwab’s company pledges to match employee donations up to $1,000 annually. While this seems like a small amount at first, given the size of his company, Schwab could be committed to donating another million if his employees are generous.

Recipients of charitable giving include financial education programs, more than 2,000 non-profit organizations, and special events such as walk-a-thons, festivals, and concerts. Charles Schwab focuses on giving to local organizations. To him, “local” is the Bay area of California.

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