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Los Angeles is home to Eleven2, a web hosting firm that handles shared, reseller, virtual, and enterprise hosting services. They have been in the business for 13 years. Since 2003, the company has seen a lot of technical changes and new types of servers emerge. Find out about costs, services, features, and what the firm can do to help you keep your clients safe online.

First, Reviews

Testimonials scroll across the page. Potential customers can read these and others on the website of Eleven2 to determine if they are about to sign up with a reliable business. They promise to be fast, stable, and supportive. In other words, websites hosted by Eleven2 don’t take several seconds to download and the network does not suffer regular down time. Their customer service team is ready to help. These are three qualities you definitely want from a web provider.

Sign Up Features

It is free to transfer a current web hosting plan to Eleven2. Do you feel like service is lacking, their down time is unacceptable, or security is not up to scratch? Switch to Eleven2 and there is no cost. Your down time during the switch will be minimal, if you experience any at all.

Eleven2 is built on the back of speed. They offer excellent technology which enables clients to upload your site faster than ever. Expect for people around the world to see your content and to load it quicker than you ever imagined.

Customer Support

What was it that the other guys were lacking? Was it speed, up time, or perhaps they made you feel like just a number among their many, many customers? Eleven2 promises you will not feel that way anymore. Support is available all day, every day, and that includes Christmas and New Year. There isn’t a day when your website is less important than all the rest of the days. Besides, in some countries where your internationally recognized product is promoted, it stopped being Christmas hours ago or they don’t even celebrate it. For these people it is business as usual and that’s what you need too. Support is always there from engineers working in-house. That means Eleven2 does not contract out their customer service to people from some other company. Support team members actually know what happens at Eleven2 and are technical individuals who can really help. Call, chat online, or email. You should get a response in less than 10 minutes.


Add to that their dedication to educating the consumer and customer support is a well-rounded feature. The website provides links to written and video information, so you can start out feeling confused but walk away a little less befuddled by the tech talk. Numerous articles are listed on several subjects.

Up Time

Backup is excellent too. If one server is down, they won’t all be down at the same time. If the competition’s server is down and they do not have a backup, you suffer the consequences. Virtual service helps too and Eleven2 has kept with the times. With their money back guarantee this is a no-risk set up. If after 60 days you are not satisfied, they will refund your money and let you go. Up time is 99.9% and as for disk space you always know where you stand.

SSD Application Hosting with Eleven2

According to statistics and studies, you should switch from HDD to SSD, especially if you are using WordPress, Magento, or Joomla, etc. Microchips are a lot faster than a hard drive, which is good for business. If you run an e-commerce page from your website, then SSD is the way to go. Eleven2 offers a sale on their most popular scheme, the SSD-2200. For $5 per month customers receive 100GB storage, 20TB bandwidth, unlimited FTP, email, domains, plus Cloudflare.

Register a Domain for Shared Hosting

Go for the top package in this department and pay $7 monthly, another sale. You will receive 20TB bandwidth once more, 250GB storage, and unlimited add-ons. Actually, a lot of the stats for this program are identical to the one above like Cloudflare, unlimited FTP, and more.

Virtual Premium Servers

VPS is another popular service which takes a lot of hardware out of the equation, that weak link which tends to break down all too readily. When you need stability and privacy but not a dedicated server, this is a great place to go, but only if your traffic justifies the expense. Popular packages are far more expensive than the ones above, like VS-200 priced $69.30 monthly. Give this some thought.

Eleven2 seeks to create stable hardware with lots of backup and fail safes. There is more to it than that but all you need to know is that a Virtual Private Server package is probably the best choice for the larger business with reasonable volumes of traffic and decent overheads. Access 240GB of storage, 2GB of memory, 2TB bandwidth, SSD Cacheing, Elite Server Hardware, and many more features. The VPS system is customizable, private, and allows one to use multiple operating systems at once.

More Services

Sign up for an enterprise server: a form of shared system. Opt to become a reseller. Another way to get involved is to become an affiliate with Eleven2, an easy way to make some money as long as there are not too many people on the books already and you know a lot of people who are going to start a website soon. Affiliate marketing works best if you are already an Eleven2 client with a website from which to promote their web hosting services.

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