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In a perfect world, all of the investment companies American consumers look up on the computer would be honest, straightforward, and blameless. The Better Business Bureau would post no complaints about any of them.

But most businesses cannot lay claim to such a feat. Goldco Direct is one of the exceptions. Their reputation is spotless. Every review agency that matters agrees.

Woodland Hills Investment Business with a Clean Record

There are few complaints out there against Goldco Direct and you will have to search specifically for them to find anything bad to say about this California business. Even the BBB is no help to the nay-sayers looking for gossip and slander. If you want doom and gloom, you might have to invent some, but it will not stick here.

Better Business Bureau Sets the Tone

Even if Goldco Direct had closed a few complaints in the past few years, that would be no reason to worry about their ethics or company policies. Customers complain, especially when they make mistakes and try to blame them on an investment company.

Instead of closing one or two complaints with the BBB, Goldco’s record is clean: zero complaints in three years. They were accredited in 2011 and opened business in 2006.

Goldco Direct does not show signs of having gone through teething pains at all. This should tell potential customers that their policies are clear and that they ensure clients understand transactions.

While it is the buyer’s responsibility to read the FAQ section and understand company policy before committing to a sale, making their regulations crystal clear ahead of time makes good business sense and prevents the messy kinds of conflicts the Better Business Bureau often finds itself in the middle of.

Business Consumer Alliance Reports

As for the BCA, their rating supports the Better Business Bureau grade: AAA. Goldco Direct is a good business all the way. In fact, they are not just good: they are exceptional. The Business Consumer Alliance would down-grade this firm to an AA or A without having to say anything bad: those are solid grades. A company with the BCA’s highest grade goes above the standard expected by this organization in several ways.

At Trustlink Consumers See the Trend Unfold

Goldco Direct truly does reach past the normal standards of an acceptable business, providing excellent customer service, honest, direct, and open advice. Trustlink gives them five stars because their clients give them full marks.

They do not waste customers’ time. Many of the people phoning their associates are very busy men and women with their own business to conduct. Goldco Direct representatives get the job done efficiently.

Their professionalism often receives comments as does their knowledge of the subject. Customers hang up the phone feeling like more than a number but like they matter to Goldco Direct as people. Many of the write-ups are recent comments by happy customers.

The Proof is in the Purchasing

After completing their initial transactions, investment customers have no reason to stick around. Business is business: they could take their next purchase to a different trader with a clear conscience, but that is not what clients do.

They stay with Goldco Direct and when they want to buy more precious metals, this is where they spend their money. It only makes sense. Finding a trustworthy business is hard enough, but discovering one that is also skillful and completes error-free transactions is rare indeed.

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