The HP EliteBook Folio Notebook Review

There are notebooks made for leisure and those for business, but the HP EliteBook Folio is clearly made to be a svelte item for business or pleasure. It’s good enough for your professional needs but also speedy and crisp for personal purposes.

A “folio” is a style from the early days of book making in which a larger format is folded over. The Notebook is wider than a real folio, but thinner than real paper and features crisper text than any old book too.

HP EliteBook Folio Notebook Features

What’s inside the Folio? HP has installed an Intel Core, 6th Generation top-rated processor plus additional memory. It is solidly protected, slender and subtle, but fully functional. The keyboard is completely ready for work; optimized for daily operation at any sort of work station whether that’s a kitchen table, teak desk, or your own lap.

Sound and Vision

HP worked with Bang & Olufsen to supply superior sound for real time video conferencing via Skype. Bang & Olufsen also reduces background noise for a professional performance and crystal clear sound, so you don’t have to ask your conference partner to repeat himself multiple times. That is especially important when translating conversations with foreign investors.

Visuals are crisp and the display is as cleanly defined as you can imagine, maybe better. HP employs UHD5 4K display and utilizes FHD which is excellent if you are planning to have a conversation with important new clients or potential business partners over the internet via Skype. If this is a personal device, enjoy clear and authentic images of a new grandbaby or a wedding you can’t attend in person.

HP Security Considerations

There are security threats every way you turn. The internet exposes you to so much more information and opens the doors to countless shopping, conversational, viewing, and educational opportunities. It also exposes consumers, students, and executives to threats. With HP Sure Start featuring Dynamic Protection 4, HP’s own platform, you should feel comfortable and confident.

Better Battery

Performance is stronger than ever from this next member of the HP Notebook family. Expect the battery to last longer than those in previous HP Notebooks on a single charge, so you can operate your business, study, report, record, connect, and create anywhere without cords. Take this to college or in your backpack on a long hike. Stay on top of business when you can’t be at the office. Connect with grandchildren while on holiday without worrying the battery will die before you finish saying “I love you.”

Light Stuff

How can something as powerful as an HP EliteBook Folio Notebook weight just 2.2 lbs? How does HP manage to fit all the technology you need to enjoy fast download speed and high definition visuals into such a skinny aluminum body?

HP’s 180-degree hinge lays flat, not just nearly flat: totally flat. Tests have also established that the Folio is incredibly strong. We are talking about tens of thousands of hours of tests, not just throwing a few bouncy balls at it. Tests include vibration, jolting, and shock treatment; exposure to dust, being dropped, and subjection to other environmental issues like high heat and elevation.

Real Time Support

What if something goes wrong with your notebook? You press a key and it doesn’t do what you expect? HP supplies what they call Support8, their own version of technical backup every day of the year at all hours.

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