Lifelock Review

Statistics from LifeLock, an identity theft prevention company, indicate that a quarter of the public has had their identity stolen online. They have been targeted while using Wi-Fi in public places or giving out information online which should remain private; by falling for internet hoaxes; and by using e-Commerce sites which are not protected.

Lock Them Out

LifeLock thinks of themselves as pioneers, but not of the wilderness and wide, uncharted spaces. They are only interested in fighting this kind of high-tech but distressingly common fraud.

Their job is to make people feel secure using the internet again, even people who long ago lost faith in virtual domains and refuse to give out anything online including their credit card details.

These individuals do not shop with e-commerce firms for fear they will find their credit card has been hacked and they are now in debt up to their virtual eyeballs through no fault of their own.

LifeLock was started in 2005; that is more than a decade ago, plenty of time to establish a reputation and prove they are not one of those fraudulent groups in their own right.

This company uses computer science and unique understanding of the industry, always updating what they think they know, aware that it’s changing constantly.

As hacking methods are uncovered, new ones are developed. If these thieves would use their skills for good instead of evil, they could do wonderful things for the world.

Actually, that’s what the people at Arizona’s LifeLock have done: used their skills for good instead of evil. They know the problems well enough to use them for nefarious purposes but choose, instead, to help their clients stay one step ahead of criminals.

Almost 4.5 million clients have become members with LifeLock in order to protect their identities online. They want people to feel at peace about logging on.

They also give back by training people how to stop identity theft: members of law enforcement and non-profit groups including one associated with the FBI which trains officers in the detection and prevention of identity theft plus ways to find and bring thieves to justice. They work with groups which help vulnerable people to protect themselves such as abused parents, teens, and foster kids.

Products from LifeLock

Products are designed to provide the tools that individuals, companies, and other consumers need in order to feel safe while working online. They identify problematic communications and sites, keep an eye on known issues, and work on the behalf of clients who have been victimized.

Clients receive alerts if an event is suspected, a proactive effort to prevent the devastating losses identity theft causes. LifeLock is an award-winner in their field helping families and firms big or small including major financial companies, insurance agencies, and places where reams of personal data about thousands of individuals is stored over the internet.

Another service is “risk management.” LifeLock can take a good look at your system and determine if it is already secure or needs tweaking to enhance safety. Advantages are manifold: better reputation, reduced hassle caused by complaints and insurance or legal claims, better profits, and reduced losses from identity theft which affects the company rather than external clients.

How They Do It

LifeLock has created their own software in order to do their job and stay ahead of the criminals. In the modern world, this is where much western crime is carried out, so this is where the war is being played out, causing professionals to continually improve their skills and products.

LifeLock lays it out briefly, but there is more to what they do than these three sentences convey. They scan a trillion data points each day looking for threats. They also provide identity restoration support. Services are secured by a $1M guarantee.

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