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Does Merit Gold have merit as their name suggests? Can they be trusted as reputable precious metals sales people? Their ratings on several different forums are inconsistent: you will need to read three or four organizations’ opinions to form an overall picture of Merit’s reputation, strong points, and weaknesses. Of course you would never take their own word as a promise of fantastic service or strong ethics.

Complaints against Merit Gold

Just one issue arises repeatedly with Merit Gold customers: shipping. Slow shipping is not the only complaint levied against them, but it is the most frequent one. Customers have endured inconsistencies in this department and some promises that were not kept, but products generally arrive at their desired destination. Such problems are not deemed fundamental: just irritating.

The Better Business Bureau Rating

There is no rating from the Better Business Bureau for Merit Gold because it is being updated. You will wonder, no doubt, what that rating used to be and if the update will be for better or worse. Nothing on the Better Business Bureau site suggests whether or not there are complaints left to be resolved or serious problems.

But if the government was taking action against Merit Gold, this would be noted on the page in bright red lettering. In the meantime, let this lack of status give you an opportunity to pause over your decision.

The Business Consumer Alliance Comes Through

Maybe the BBB is of no help at the moment, but the BCA comes through for customers with their AA rating. That is an excellent score: not the very top score available, but reassuring nonetheless. The BCA is satisfied that Merit Gold is compliant with regulations and makes an effort to resolve complaints from customers, of which there are 51.

Merit Gold has been operating for long enough to know their business is legitimate. The first complaint on that list was lodged in 2014, but every other complaint dates from 2013 or earlier. Again, shipping issues come up.

The Trustlink Report: Is Merit Gold Trustworthy?

In fact, shipping is the one thing that bothers a few of the happy clients whose views are listed on Trustlink. Even though everything else about their experiences was great, products did not arrive when stated. A couple of three-star reviews could have been five-star ratings.

Customers routinely point out that Merit is trustworthy, helpful, and their experience with associates was pleasurable. An aspect of service they like particularly is the non-pushy sales approach. Clients look for suggestions and enjoy hearing what associates have to say, but they do not feel pressured to take the agent’s suggestions.

Any truly unhappy comments are unusual. They do not make a difference to the five-star rating Trustlink gives Merit Gold which features 673 reviews, 1 ½ pages from 2014. By the way, Trustlink does not award a grade: their star-rating is based on the scores given by writers. In other words, if consumers wish to have an impact on how fellow consumers see a gold trader, they must take the time to write a review.

Overall Impressions of Merit Gold

The overall feeling one can take from the reports above is that Merit Gold is a reputable company. If there are concerns, they stick out primarily because they are unusual. Merit Gold has created a pattern of service, in this case a pleasing pattern of excellent customer rapport, approachable staff, and respectful sales tactics.

Merit started dealing in 1985, and although a lengthy trading history is no guarantee of reputability (as noted in the cases of some older companies in need of serious restructuring), in Merit’s case that longevity adds to general credibility. Do not try to predict what the BBB will say but wait for their grade to complete your picture.

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