RealTrust IRA Alternatives Review: A Break From The Norm

If customers never realized anything was wrong with IRA investments as they stand, they might not complain. In reality, most people trust their investment administrators to decide too much for them and fail to educate themselves about money the way they should.

Financial experts are not necessarily bad, but they think inside of a box. While becoming an overall expert does not need to be the consumer’s goal, learning how to successfully invest for one’s own future is crucial.

Understand the System

Traditionally, IRA administrators have their clients’ money in just a few products including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and CDs. Since 1975, clients have been legally permitted to invest their retirement savings in a much larger and more interesting variety of products. These include real estate, precious metals, and small businesses.

Their administrators do not tell them about these options and clients never ask. But that has all changed with the growing interest in self directed IRAs. Even if customers did realize what they were missing, most IRA custodians will only handle certain types of accounts and refuse to administer accounts invested in gold, real estate, niche industries, or small private businesses.

Where Does Real Trust Fit into the Picture?

This RealTrust IRA Alternatives review describes a company geared towards the individual thinker who knows what leaving his investments up to the “experts” has done for him so far. In many cases, funds are not performing well enough to supply retirees with enough income to enjoy the years of rest or adventure they have earned. Some retirees will need financial assistance in spite of carefully saving. Others have to compromise their goals and dreams because investment growth did not match inflation.

RealTrust IRA Alternatives works with Americans who want to roll their funds into self directed accounts without being penalized. On their website, the company lists some of the funds they might choose such as real estate, private entities, and private financing.

The company offers education and guidance but leaves the decision-making to clients. There is no conflict of interest here because RealTrust IRA Alternatives only sells custodial and administration services, not products. Established in 2003, this company from Washington State is bonded, licensed, and individual accounts are insured for up to $250,000 each.

More Background

Many financial firms are built by people with opinions and knowledge about money but lacking legal understanding. There are numerous legal implications to starting an IRA, especially one that is being self-directed. Fortunately, RealTrust was founded by Real Estate Lawyer Mark E. Hodges. His firm has the legal know-how to ensure clients are investing in IRS-approved products.

Ratings from the Outside

The Better Business Bureau has rated RealTrust IRA, but they are not accredited with the BBB. No complaints are listed by the BBB. With all they know about the firm, this business monitor feels able to award RealTrust an A+. They do not appear to be listed on Trustlink or by the Business Consumer Alliance, but there is a face to the company.

Special Feature

So devoted are the people at RealTrust to educating the public about their retirement options that they offer a special online resource: live videos presentations. Arrange for one to reach your home so you can learn without booking a day off or arranging a flight.

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