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Jeffrey Nichols and William Devane, celebrity investors, have both loaned their names to Rosland Capital of Santa Monica, California. Rosland Capital’s business is primarily gold: selling this precious metal to consumers for undirected and IRA savings schemes.

Is this a reputable firm to work with?

Should consumers accept the word of celebrity advocates as their signal that a company can be trusted?

You will find that where Rosland Capital is concerned, the answer is not straightforward.

Has Rosland Capital Received Any Complaints?

Rosland Capital has received 22 complaints on the Better Business Bureau site, all of them now closed. They also have an A+ rating.

BCA does not mention any complaints about Rosland Capital, but TrustLink mentions several. Read the dates on these complaints, though, because some of them are gathering dust.

Better Business Bureau Rating

Delving more deeply in the BBB rating, Rosland Capital received an “A” because they meet accreditation standards, such as providing business information when requested and making a “good faith effort” to resolve problems customers raise.

Their 7 closed complaints include two about advertising and sales, one regarding delivery, and four more relating to products and services. The volume of complaints is low when one realizes how many issues might have stemmed from errors on the customer’s side.

This is not to say that Rosland Capital is blameless of any error, but the firm’s responses to complaints are highly illuminating.

According to TrustLink

At TrustLink, Rosland Capital only receives three out of five stars. This is no recommendation but also not a condemnation.

Several reviews state that Rosland Capital is a dishonest firm. There are only 18 reviews, none from 2013 and just two from 2014, so it would be difficult to paint a current picture of the company from these ratings.

Still, once a few customers report a firm as dishonest, word gets around. A reputation is established. Clients make reference to a “bait and switch” situation and serious overpricing.

To perform a bait and switch would be a crime, so if this has truly happened, readers should see legal action being taken, not just writers letting off steam online. No such action against Rosland Capital appears to be pending.

Unfortunately, consumers must do their research prior to placing an order. It is the client’s responsibility to check pricing, not expect a refund because they found out later there was a better deal.


Where the Business Consumer Alliance is concerned, Rosland Capital has earned a triple-A: their highest accolade. This score is based on the company’s background information, complaint history, and the length of time they have been in business.

The BCA rates their advertising strategy and licensing too. The BBB considers Rosland Capital to have been in business too short a time to provide an “A+” grade.

How They Rate Overall

Inconsistent grading and rating makes it difficult to arrive at a decision about Rosland Capital:

One agency gives them a high rating.

One gives them their highest grade.

A third can only offer a mid-level rating, suggesting the firm is not great but not terrible either.

By averaging these marks, one can say the company is pretty good, but TrustLink’s three-star rating is no recommendation. The others suggest Rosland Capital is an excellent company to work for. Perhaps celebrity advocates should not be trusted after all.

The bottom line is that when it comes to your retirement, choosing the right investments is not the only way to protect your wealth. Selecting a fantastic, highly-rated dealer is also essential.

One can lose money just as quickly by failing to research up-to-date reviews by real people. America supplies plenty of precious metals traders, so there is no reason to settle for one that is just “okay.” Work with the best.

Here is the video that is currently on their website for a few considerations:

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