The HP Elite X3 PC Tablet

New technology is always exciting, but so much of what is released to consumers these days is not all that new. Smartphones can’t get any smaller or they would be impossible to interact with. Cameras become a little sharper, but they are virtually the same quality as mid-level digital cameras these days.

Companies make gradual, small changes and release devices every year or so, maximizing their earning potential by targeting clients who can’t bear to go without the latest and greatest thing. Is the HP Elite X3 PC tablet an example?

Features of the HP Elite X3

HP promises your working days will change for the better. They bring PC functionality to you in tablet form; all of the features you look for in a desktop computer but more portable than a laptop. How can they achieve this? HP uses something called a Snapdragon processor.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor

Every high-tech device has a brain, in this case an LTE brain providing 300% faster uploads than previous versions. Qualcomm’s CPU, the Kryo, improves the life of your battery, enhances graphics, and allows you to take crisp photographs with 25MP clarity. So far, so good, but not earth-shattering.

Business Tablet

HP’s new tablet was designed for business users incorporating the latest from Windows, an app store you can customize, and Mobile 4. Security passes business standards. There is HP support and the Elite X3 passes stringent standards.

Type as usual; build spreadsheets and write reports. Take information and create work anywhere which is suitable for presentation at the highest levels of business with this incredibly slender unit.

Even though this is considered a professional tool, and taking pictures could be part of the job, consumers will also appreciate the personal perks of their new device as they snap brilliant photos of family, friends, and scenery on their off-days or between assignments on the road. Work from the office, from home, or at the park.

Indoor, Outdoor

Those pictures could be snapped inside or outside with this premium machine featuring a high-definition screen, excellent audio, and almost no border. The machine is resistant to dust and water for supreme resilience to the elements, at least within reason.

Don’t test it in hail. The battery lasts and lasts so you can operate wirelessly for hours of outdoor work or fun without missing any deadlines. Adjust brightness to mitigate glare from the sun, a shadowy day, or to create a comfortable viewing experience under a blaze of bright indoor lighting.

Audio Bang

Audio is provided by Bang and Olufsen whose front-facing speakers cancel noise you don’t need. Mics take in sound from all directions when you record an interview or a school play. There is no need to plug in additional speakers in order to make the most of your system’s optimized sound quality.

Multi-Use System

Images show a tablet that’s not much bigger than a Smartphone, yet much smaller than what you used to cart around. Extra room is handy for typing since Smartphones are notoriously difficult when it comes to extended typing.

Customers can still use this as a phone, but also as a gaming device or internet browser. The screen is vivid and clear, so view images, read reports, and stay in touch all with the use of one compact product. The Elite X3 by HP is a better version of what you already know.

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